When the quilting fabric of reality begins to unravel, it is to the disturbing image of madness that we turn in pursuit of fugitive sanity. Its contradistinction to madness, its saneness by comparison, is normality’s unique selling proposition. Normality is a snooty voyeur. We look madness in the face, and we feel uncomfortable; avert our gaze, and we feel more comfortable than we did before. When madness is self-diagnosis, there can be no looking away. Disturbing images grow panoramic, introspective. Sanity is MIA -- presumed mad. We need madness, but it does not need us. Could bloody madness reveal a line of flight to a saner future, away from all this hideousness? Or is it just Dumb Insolence, Episode 4?

Presented by your hosts Burgernips and Tea Cosy.

Charles Manson / Stanley Kubrick / Jon Corelis / Madroom / Gogol / Blawan / William Burroughs / David Smail / Tom Waits / Mica Levi / Zoogz Rift / George Galloway / R. D. Laing / Philip D Kick / Suicidal Tendencies / Jim Jones / Gavin Bryars / David Lynch / Dmitry Evgrafov / Theodor Adorno / Skee Mask / Zenker Brothers / Pinch / immanuel Kant / H.P. Lovecraft / Anton Karas / Chris Hedges / Jonny Greenwood / The Fall


In the mourning play of the contemporary, nothing is more certain than the exigency of failure, eventual or constant. Misfortune, niggling or seismic, speaks of originary guilt. Not as a matter of personal morality, but rather of the guilt-laden nature of physis itself. We are fallen. The link between earthly works and salvation has been irrevocably broken. Faith is all that remains: blind, sham faith, pedalled by charlatans. The subject is melancholic, the object a daemonic stage prop. All action is futile. The rest is Dumb Insolence.

Presented by your hosts Ratty and Bitterman.

Skinny / Burroughs / Elvis / Buzzcocks / MixMaster Mike / Max Richter / Marlon Brando / Morrissey / Michel Houellebecq / Rowland S Howard / Mick Harvey / Maysles Brothers / Ennio Morricone / Denis Johnson / Philip Glass / Joy Division / Milton / Digital Mystikz / Armando Iannucci / Maladroit / Graham Greene / Lou Reed / Sinead O'Connor / Tony Blair / Pink Eye Club / Donald Crowhurst / A.L Lloyd / Shakespeare / Rodney Dangerfield / The Nite-Liners / Mark Fisher / Japan / Rufige Kru / Charles Bukowski / Dirty Beaches / David Bowie


An ant whose efforts towards the heap were susceptible only to envy, pity or obliviousness would soon wither and die. Meanwhile workaday existence under jaundiced bourgeois jurisdiction behooves us to revel in, and to labour upon, the eternal prolongation of such conditions. If an ant could speak, what would it say about this? It might call it: Dumb Insolence, Episode 2.

Presented by your hosts Boost and Ludic.

Paul de Roux / The Units / Peter Cook / Sully / Lord Tebbit / Venetian Snares / Dustin Hoffman / Nietzsche / The Beastie Boys / John Pitman / Burial / Digital Mystics / Karl Marx / Fasotek / Mark Fisher / Crash Course in Science / Johnny Greenwood / Chris Morris / The Dion Brothers / Devo / Neil Hamburger/ Spartacus / Christy Moore / Scum / Horsepower Productions / Hamish Imlach / Bukowski /The Lighthouse / Louis CK / JK Flesh / Lorn / Captain Beefheart / Bob Dylan / Melville / Raymond Scott / Rip Torn


In the first episode of Dumb Insolence we conjure up the demonic ambiguity of cityhood, rendering its texture as aural mentalese.

With your hosts Gonzo and Bleaky.

TS Eliot / Graeme Miller / Steve Shill / Fyodor Dostoevsky / dGohn / Bob Hoskins / Speed Levitch / Friedrich Engels / Suitman Jungle / Nasenbluten / The Fall / Relapse / Georg Simmel / 3 Teens Kill 4 / Nina Simone / Thom Andersen / Soul Coughing / Sophia Loren / Walter Benjamin and Asja Lacis / Executive Slacks / Moondog / Paul Auster / Stewart Lee